mu The Confessions of Aiya
YO I'm Jada :1. A girl that is a extreme thug on the inside. can be very nice at times. but if made extremely mad she can become a mean thug. an undercover thug. that likes to take pictures but when she wants to. a shy person. loves music. very sexy and is waiting to find the right person to be in a relationship with. has a lot of haters and loves them. girl that is black and is named jada

2.A woman who is a very sweet person. she is very opionated and will always say whats on her mind. Shes very beautiful but doesnt believe so. Shes excedingly intelligent. She loves to find her astrological signs for different heritages. She gives the best advice and you can always count on her to be there for you and tell you what youre doing is stupid. she is a relatively calm person, only certian things get her mad, and she gets hyper when she eats. Jada's are definately the best people to have in your life as a friend or a lover."Jada is my BEST friend. I'm so glad I have her."

However my friend's call me Aiya Sakura Takithat...but Aiya for short [laugh out loud]

P E A C E!!!